Delivering hard working campaigns for clients in New Zealand & Australia since 2006

Performance Media is based in Albany, Auckland, and provides a fully independent media planning and buying operation along with broadcast and online development and production for a diverse group of clients.

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We plan, negotiate and buy all media campaigns for our clients, both in New Zealand and Australia. These clients are a mix of direct advertisers plus other agencies who do not have a media facility in house. And all campaigns are bought directly with the media, we do not place through any other third party.

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We develop concepts then design and build all creative for online use in-house. Primarily html5 display banners and video in all required sizes. Then we plan and run the required campaigns along with SEM/search campaigns as needed. All campaigns are monitored daily and adjusted where necessary.

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If you need new graphics, need to edit an existing commercial to a different duration, need to modify an overseas commercial for use here, need a new soundtrack and voiceover, or need to convert your commercial for web use - and need it all done quickly and very cost effectively - then that's what we do!

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We work for direct clients and other ad agencies..

..across both New Zealand and Australia

Performance Media was established in 2006 to provide a fully independent media planning and buying operation plus the full spectrum of advertising services, from creative development through to final production, for clients in both New Zealand and Australia.
Our work is predominantly with television and online, although we also do print, radio and outdoor for clients as required. And we place all our clients campaigns directly with the media in both Australia and New Zealand - we do not work through any other third party for placement

We have a passion for delivering the very best - not only in terms of delivering the media numbers, but also in terms of the overall level of service we supply. Delivering these results encompasses two key areas – maximising the value of a client’s budget through hard but fair negotiation with the media owners, and then placing it where it has the greatest impact on the required audience.

Our online campaigns are display based, are targeted by age, gender, location and household income levels and we always run a combination of three different campaign types for clients.
These comprise:
Programmatic: No websites are specifically chosen to use. Instead we target the end user by website topic and interest. Messages can appear on any site worldwide that matches our topic selection, but geo-targeted and therefore seen by only those living in our selected targeted country or region.

Premium Sites: We specifically select the websites to be used - running on the main New Zealand sites eg TradeMe, NZHerald, STUFF, RealEstate, MetService etc, or on the main Australian sites eg RealEstate, Gumtree,, 9news, Weatherzone, Nine, Domain, SMH, 7news etc.

Custom Audiences: We build a Custom Audience using both relevant keywords and also website topics based on our target’s recent past browsing movements. This then enables us to target the online content that is relevant to this audience. This is similar in execution to an AdWords search campaign - but instead of showing the “searcher” a plain text ad (which does nothing for the branding message), they get shown one or more of our animated display ads.
This latter campaign option is working extremely well for our clients – as you are talking to people who are actively looking in your product area and hence the wastage is minimised. These campaigns are consistently returning a Cost per Click that is lower than the same clients Search campaigns!

Continual monitoring of online display campaigns is crucial. Especially as it is a common occurrence that of the three campaign types being used, one may perform best in terms of CPC (Cost per Click), another may perform best on CTR (Clickthrough Rate), and another may perform best on a CPM (Cost per Thousand) basis. And it is possible that one of the options could perform best on all three parameters.
Accordingly, we monitor all campaigns on a daily basis and optimise them where required. This enables us to rank response rates for each campaign and then optimise accordingly on an ongoing basis towards the best performing elements.

Please note though that we DON’T DO Native campaigns or use responsive material! Native began as a way to make your ad look like and blend in with the style of editorial on the page. But why should you want to blend in? You wouldn’t want to “blend in” if you were running an ad in the daily newspaper or on television! And trying to “fool” a viewer into thinking your message is editorial is not going to work either – you’re just going to annoy them! And responsive ads always just look an incoherent mess! You are relying on computer algorithms to layup your ad message – not good!





Edit, adjust, revise, rebuild, re-record..

Quickly, economically and tailored to your needs!

If you need new graphics, need to edit an existing commercial to a different duration, need to modify an overseas sourced commercial for local use, need a new soundtrack and voiceover, or need to convert your commercial for web use - and need it all done quickly and very cost effectively - then that's what we do!
We will work with you in person if you’re local, otherwise by email and phone. Tell us your requirements and what you have available to work with and we’ll provide you with a written quote. On approval we’ll send you a link to our Cloud storage facility for you to upload your existing material to. We’ll work with you through the process by emailing you low res versions of the commercial for your comment/approval as we go.
On completion we’ll adjust the audio levels to meet broadcast requirements, then output to master stage and either upload this to you to use directly, otherwise we can output channel dubs and despatch where required. As a matter of course, we will also send you an HD version of the commercial to use on YouTube, plus send you a version to any size that you want to use on your own website.
Note that all commercials destined for air in New Zealand and Australia require the approval of the Commercials Approval Bureau (CAB) in New Zealand and Commercials Advice in Australia (CAD). If there is any contentious content (children, alcohol, smoking, language etc) then it pays to get the script approved first before sending the finished product. This approvals process is a service we supply for all our clients. And if your product is pharmaceutical, in New Zealand it will also need TAPS approval (THERAPEUTIC ADVERTISING PRE-VETTING SERVICE).

A mix of our recent television work is below..


NZ DRUG FOUNDATION - Living Sober Website


THE STETSON GROUP - American Idiot The Musical

FIAT CHRYSLER NZ - Alfa Romeo Stelvio



THE STETSON GROUP - Nashville Live

FIAT CHRYSLER NZ - Jeep Gladiator



The medium is NOT the message!

Don't fall into the "online is different trap"...

The old rules, adages, processes or whatever you want to call them all still apply to creative for online. Ignore people who tell you that you need to be flashy and/or ultra quick in order to attract viewers attention.
You've got a full thirty seconds - you can still tell a story, or define a problem and give them a solution, or capture their imagination with stunning imagery, or put them in a receptive mood with a little humour! As with any other media, you need to get your viewers "onside". And frankly, the "quick and flashy" messages look like crap! Whereas great looking and well crafted messages will always help build a viewers impression of your brand - not to mention increasing your clickthrough rate as well!.
This is what we do - create online campaigns that touch that responsive chord in your audience. And motivate them to want to know more.

See what we mean in the samples of our recent work below.

We developed initial concepts, built the material and ran the online campaigns for all of these. Only the 300x600 banner sizes are shown here, however all the campaigns utilised 300x250, 160x600 and 970x250 sizes as well.

(Click to play..)

Just showing what can be achieved when you really want to recreate the psychedelia of the sixties!

(Click to play..)

Yes you can put a heap of information into an online display ad when you are targeting enthusiasts!

(Click to play..)

A pure brand message to show just what a difference VELUX skylights can make in your home.

(Click to play..)

Again - a mix of brand message and product/price - in a tightly targeted campaign.

(Click to play..)

Humour is as relevant online as anywhere else - especially in a competitive product category that not everybody understands.

(Click to play..)

Simple, clean and elegant - nothing else is required when you're working with one of the most iconic images of our time.

(Click to play..)

The old advertising usage of "problem/solution" is still as relevant today for online use as it ever was.

(Click to play..)

Simple but strong brand promotion for Expol underfloor insulation, utilising frames from their current TVC.

(Click to play..)

A simple and direct product promo using our iconic motor racer who is well known on both sides of the Tasman.

(Click to play..)

A combination of sponsorship support for the Sydney Thunder plus brand & product promotion.

(Click to play..)

A mix of branding message and product awareness - giving detailed benefits to the right viewers.

(Click to play..)

A targeted campaign that moved down the East coast of both Queensland and NSW in line with the event timings.




These are a superb option for when you need to get a ton of information across to prospective buyers. Being able to have multiple links within the unit to show video, colour options, galleries, specifications and dealer locators, turn them into a mini-website in their own right. And one of the best things about them is you don't pay on a per thousand or per click basis - you only pay on engagement by the viewer. Note, examples shown are simplistic animated gif mockups of the real thing, as they need to run off a dedicated campaign server.

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